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Teachers On Call values your service as a substitute. As our show of thanks to you for choosing Teachers On Call and our schools/centers, we created Gold Star Rewards – the program that rewards you for your hard work and dedication in the classroom!


What is Gold Star Rewards?

We created Gold Star Rewards to reward you for your service. By completing an average of 3+ full days worked a week over the period of one calendar month, you will earn your way to A+ Substitute status. A+ Substitutes earn BIG savings at thousands of area merchants as well as over 100,000 nationwide. You save the day in the classroom on a daily basis – now you can save on your everyday purchases through Gold Star Rewards!

Gold Star Rewards Program

How to Join

Once you are hired at Teachers On Call, you will be automatically enrolled in Gold Star Rewards and your days worked will be tracked by our system. At the end of each month, your weekly average will be calculated and those who meet the 3+ full day requirement will automatically be granted A+ Substitute status and enjoy exclusive benefits!

A+ Substitute

What are the advantages of the Gold Star Rewards Program? Once you earn A+ Substitute status, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to over 100,000 merchant discounts throughout North America. Categories include Food & Drink, Services, Entertainment and more.

These merchant discounts can add up to huge savings! Just how much you ask?
Click here to find out!

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